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This heavy duty monolift is a low cost alternative to other monolift systems costing thousands.

*Holds massive weight, simple to install & use and doesn't require another person to assist you when using.

*The design makes it simple to re-rack when squatting or benching, something that is very important when training alone.

*Hooks are made of solid steel with no weld that could possibly break. Makes this monolift unit safer than some available on the market today.

*Fast shipping through the USPS. Delivered in one box right to your door.

*Out of all the equipment Edge Fitness has built over the years, it's this unit that gets the most positive feedback.

0% Interest Financing Available with Paypal Credit.
Monolift Specs

* Color: Black, powder coated

* Weight: 40 lbs (20 lbs each side)

* Fast shipping through the US Mail

All products are made in the USA.

Shipping Policy

Call or Text: 234-521-8616
Email: clubfitamerica@yahoo.com